Monday, February 04, 2008

Wood Pellet Prices & SEI Grants Addendum


2 Tonnes of Wood Pellets to
1000L of Oil

In case the last post caused any confusion, it takes roughly 2 Tonnes of Wood Pellets to give the same heat as 1000 litres of heating oil. That is where my calculation is derived from.

The cost therefore of 2 tonnes of pellets roughly matched the cost of 1000L of heating oil, or in some cases provides a moderate saving. However, the savings being muted originally by the Wood Pellet Brigade was that it would cost roughly half the price of oil to run a system. This most surely is NOT the case now.



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glendac said...

My father was advised to install a wood chip burner in his new house. he was advised that it would be economical. he is now using 2 tonne of pelletsa month to heat a 6,000 sq ft house. Common sense would dictate that this cannot be right but the supplier has been out and looked at the product and says it is working perfectly.
Can anyone advise how we can go about trying to prove that we have been duped.