Thursday, February 28, 2008

Carpe Rantum


Carpe Rantum
A Rant a Day
The Head Shrinks Away

It has been "suggested" that some of my posts are nothing much more than "Rants". The purpose of this particular post therefore is simple - it is to defend myself from such character assassins.

Let it hereby be know to all readers of this blog, and all who hear gossip from readers of this blog, and all sneaky lurkers who peek into this blog through their RSS readers, that I uphold fully my right to rant.

I need my rants more than I need my four mugs of strong coffee or my laxatives or my Valium. I have, under Irish Law (at least for the present) the right to rant. I have the moral right and obligation to rant at politicians, bankers, wankers, gougers, and rip-off merchants. I will continue to rant as it keeps me from insanity (sometimes).

Thank you for listening.

God Bless Americum!!


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