Monday, February 04, 2008

Wood Pellet Prices and SEI Grants


A Rant about the SEI Grant and
Current Pellet Prices v/s Oil Prices

Oil prices are down a small bit. At the moment Kerosene is selling at between €650 and €680 per 1000 litres depending on the dealer.

So what do you think is happening with the price of wood pellets????

You got it – they are shadowing oil prices almost to the penny!!! This was not supposed to happen – do you remember? When they sold you that very overpriced pellet boiler, the main selling point was that you would save a fortune on fuel costs – what a load of bollix that has turned out to be!!!

Current Pellet Prices have reduced their price to €331.55 a tonne from €349 a 5% reduction. Kerry Biofuels have held their price so far.

On the 10th December heating oil was at €680 on the lower end. Now take away 5% and what do you get????? Yep you guessed €649 close enough to €650.

Do you regret going wood-pellet?

Forgive me for being cynical – it’s hard not to be in this instance. SEI grants my arse, what use have these grants been to people in terms of savings or payback??? They have invested a substantial lump sum in heating gear only to be rewarded with no savings or payback on their systems. In fact the pellet systems are likely to run at much higher maintenance costs due to the silly prices being charged for parts.

Do you regret getting your wood pellet system??? I have been hearing reports of endless technical problems with some, and now on top of that, there appears to be price tracking of pellet prices against oil prices. That’s very handy for the dealers with a captive audience which has kindly been provided by the SEI grant scheme.



Eileen said...

I found your site when looking for somebody to repair a Wood Pellet Burner.
It just stopped working on Saturday night so we have no heating and I'm getting nowhere with the company we bought it from in Dublin!
Your question 'do you regret going wood pellet' struck a chord - even though I really love my boiler!!
Eileen, Galway

Eoin said...

I'm no expert on pellet stoves but you can get them for a lot cheaper than 330/tonne.

You can get them for 245/tonne here if you order in bulk (3 or 4 tonnes.)

That crowd say that at the moment they only supply Leinster but that in 2008 they will start suplying nationwide.

So maybe it's just your current suppliers are ripping you off ??