Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Well Done Tesco UK!!

Tesco UK to Install Wind Generators

Tesco UK are to install wind turbines in some of their stores in the UK - ranging in size from 850 Kwts to 3 Mega Watts. Initially 31 stores will be served in this way.

Please Please Tesco Ireland do consider the same strategy here in Ireland.

If all major business in Ireland were to invest in Renewable Energy in this way, it would put the old dinosaur ESB in it's place. If the ESB are too stupid to make the move maybe industry could help make a swing? Something has to shift in Ireland. The status quo is so firmly rooted here it that would take a major disaster to change things.

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xdrafun said...

Just found your blog. It is hilarious with a lot of truth.It gives a fair reflexion or the current state IMHO it shows how we are good at jumping on the bandwagon no matter the cause so long as theres a few pound in it for US.I am at present checking out for an alternative heating system.Have enquired about solar and wood systems .They ,to me, are priced out of their economic value!If you checkout another site which makes a price comparision of costs/heat produced it could make you wonder how these units can ever be justified.I have been in business here in IRELAND for about 40 years and have watched some make money out of the most uneconomic(for their customer)schemes.If I cant find an economic ,in my view, system, I will be prepared to source it elsewhere or set up to manufacture here in IRELAND.I am talking here both about heating systems and the fuel to run them.