Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How much does your plumber charge?

How much does your plumber charge?

Some months back I discussed some of the more outlandish charges which some "plundering plumbers" try to charge for specialist boiler installation. The worst case I came into contact with was the guy in the midlands that wanted €1000 per woodpellet boiler installation. As a typical replacement installation, where there is existing piping and chimney, takes no more than 2 to 4 hours, this guy was looking for between €250 and €500 per hour.

I told this guy that if I had cancer of the brain, and he was the only brain surgeon who could operate, I would not pay him that sort of money, because I am highly allergic to rip-off merchants and gougers.

Since that then, I have had occasion to replace a wrap-round back-boiler. The plumber, who I have known for many years and who does excellent work, charged me €200 for what amounted to almost six hours of very hard work. Now don't come asking me for this guys address; I am not in the referring business. I publish this information because it is a fair guide to realistic installation prices.

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