Friday, October 06, 2006

Irish Energy Policy Madness

Madness upon Madness

ESB is one of the highest paid, and lowest efficiency power companies in Europe. Do we not pay people in Ireland by how badly they work - I think we do actually!! Especially in the public service. Eircom or Telecom Eireann was a typical example of this practice. The best thing for telecommunications in Ireland was the privatisation of the telephone industry.

The present Irish government, in their infinite wisdom, see fit to support the near monopoly position of a proven highly inefficient and grossly overpaid dinosaur of a company. In another piece of wisdom they have made the Irish people look like complete idiots with their "Green paper" on energy. The "green paper" target of using 30% Renewable Sources for energy by 2020, is nothing short of laughable - if it were not so foolish, so ignorant, and so short-sighted.

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