Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Fart in a Gale Force Wind?

Whoop di Doo!!!!

Sustainable Energy Ireland has stated that increases in wind power will benefit ESB customers with €30m savings in 2007.

But the price of electricity will increase by a huge 20% in 2007 simply because the ESB is such an inefficient and stupid dinosaur of a company - and has not planned sufficiently for Renewable Energy. The announced savings are to the 20% increase - as a FART is to a gale force wind!

€30m saving - A veritable fart in a gale force wind!

Chief executive of the SEI David Taylor said: “The use of wind power in the portfolio of electricity generation is delivering clear benefits to domestic electricity users. The reduction in the PSO levy, primarily attributable to the increase in wind power capacity connected to the electricity system, is welcome news at a time when consumers are facing continuously rising prices. A saving of €11 per household, while modest, is a clear and tangible indication that the policy of developing wind energy is delivering real benefits to consumers”.

“Ireland’s rich renewable resource has further potential to reduce the environmental impacts of meeting our energy needs and to meet the increased demands for electricity that comes with economic growth."

Gee - You don't say Mr. Taylor!!


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