Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Way it Works in Ireland

Hush now - we Irish have our own way of doing things!

I was talking to Manco Engineering in the UK recently (see earlier Blog on prices for Viadrus Boilers) about shipping to Ireland among other things. They didn't appear too anxious to do business and referred me to two firms on this Island. "We work through two companies (in Ireland) Nextgen Heat - Republic of Ireland; SI Energy - Northern Ireland"

I had a chat with NextGen Heat who told me they do not carry the range that Manco carry in the UK. The boiler they offer is a CN boiler at almost €10,000. Isn't that strange that they don't carry the Viadrus which Manco offer at £2200 sterling plus VAT, given that they are agents, of sorts, for Manco?

Seems if you want to get a wood pellet boiler cheaper you will have to take a van on the ferry to the UK or further afield.

In fact that is exactly what our little group are considering for next spring.

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