Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Veggie Oil Prices

Had a nice note from Patrick B. regarding vegetable oil bulk prices. He gave me a link to Eilish Oils. I wrote to them with a few questions but they haven't bothered writing back so far. They list a high-grade rapeseed oil for use in cars etc. at €700 plus VAT for 1000 litres thats €847 for a fill. It would not make any sense to use it for heating at that rate.

One of the questions I asked Eilish Oil was; did they supply a lower grade oil suitable for central heating use. I can go to the supermarket and buy vegetable oil in a bottle for .69 cent in Tesco, so surely, in bulk lots of 1000 litres, without bottles and labels etc., the same oil should come at least 15% to 20% cheaper.

In the UK some farmers are pressing and filtering their own oil from rapeseed, and using the cake to feed cattle. The initial investment in the equipment is soon paid off.

If any readers are farmers with any knowledge of this practice, please drop me a note.

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