Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Further Update on the Kedco Boiler

I have had a number of readers of this blog make contact with me and give me various pieces of information and prices on the Kedco/OPOP wood pellet boiler.

To date I have had three different prices given to me. I can only vouch for one of these prices as being accurate:

Lowest Price

The lowest price I was informed of is €4800 incl. VAT at 21% for a 16Kw boiler/hopper unit to include commissioning but not installation.

Next Lowest Price

The next lowest price I was told about for the same boiler is €5000 incl. VAT.

The Price I can Vouch for as Accurate

The third price is the one I got myself from Kedco when I telephoned them, and that was €5100 incl. VAT.

Awaiting Kedco's Clarification

I have e-mailed Kedco some days ago, and invited the company to clarify regarding the prices I have received. So far I have not received any reply. If the quotation of €4800 is an accurate price, it represents good value by Irish standards, given that it includes the commissioning and Grant sign off cost.

Kedco are also, I believe, going to guarantee supply and stable prices for wood pellets. Again on this information, I await their return.


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