Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stove Review - Blacksmith Artisan part 2


The Manufacturers dimensions for the "Artisan" inset stove

The Blacksmith Artisan
a closer look
part 2

Some Specifications Examined

Dimensions and Sizing

The manufacturers specifications state that the "Artisan" inset stove is good for both 16" and 18" fireplace openings. I would be inclined to dispute that the total width of the stove is 488mm or 19.2 inches. Assuming you have an exact 18" fireplace opening, that only gives you a fraction over half an inch both sides to get an air tight seal against the edges. I really think that this is not enough of a flange width to do a proper job. If your opening is anything at all over the 18 inches wide - then forget it altogether.

I am inclined to think that this stove is good only for 16" openings. Before considering it you would need to very carefully measure your existing fireplace opening for height, width and depth.

A Section from the Blacksmith brochure

Fitting the Stove

The specifications in the brochure say that this inset stove can be fitted - "without removing fireback".

Here again, I would have to disagree. In the case I observed, the fireback had to be partly chiseled out to accommodate the stove properly into the opening. Additionally, some of the tiles above the stove had to be cut with an angle grinder in order to fit in the stove.

A Typical Fireback found in open fires
All that said - the work involved was not extensive or very difficult to achieve - but it certainly was not as simple as the brochure would have you believe.

Again, in this case, you would need to consider the possible work entailed before deciding on this stove.

I will write some further posts on the Blacksmith Artisan over the next week or so - keep and eye out for them.


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