Thursday, September 29, 2011

Attic Insulation Cost Grants SEAI


SEAI Attic Insulation Grants
Worth the Hassle?

Two years ago I wrote that the SEAI Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland's grant for attic insulation was simply not worth the trouble and the hoops you have to jump through to get it.

Do I still hold that point of view?  Is it worth you while doing a lot of form filling and having to have a BER assessment done to get the now reduced attic grant of €200?

Sure they give you a bit towards the BER assessment - but if you were charging for your time by the hour - bustin' your ass form filling and chasing down the grant, it would not pay you to go the SEAI route - especially if all you need to do is insulate your attic. Now, if you were contemplating a much bigger insulation job it would pay to chase down the grants.

Not Worth the Bother

IMHO it is still not worth the bother of going the SEAI route to add a bit of insulation to you attic. The "approved" installers can fairly charge for time and then you have the cost of materials on the top of it. If you are able to do DIY - putting down an extra layer in the attic is a simple job.

This is especially true if you use the newer type of roll-out fibreglass insulation which is enclosed in a plastic tube, and has a silvered foil on one side. It is called "Space Blanket". Some of the advantages it make the job a LOT easier, (a)  you don't get covered in prickly fibreglass particles, (b) it is very easy to roll out.  - other benefits (c) it also has higher insulation qualities.

So would I go the SEAI route for attic insulation - NO - NO - NO I most certainly would not. But then I did a DIY job and got the insulation  at reduced price and did the job for less than the value of the grant!!


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