Friday, September 16, 2011

Solar Lights from Empty Bottles


Solar Lighting from empty Bottles!
Necessity is the 
Mother of Invention

A friend posted a link to this YouTube video showing how very poor people in the Philippines are making use of recycled plastic bottles to bring some light into their dim and dark homes.

The empty bottles are filled with water and a few drops of bleach to keep it from clouding, and are set into a piece of corrugated iron. This is then fixed into the roof. The water-filled bottles act as efficient light conduits and produce up to the equivalent of 55 watts incandescent light inside the otherwise dark homes.  The effect has improved the lives of hundreds of people.

The video created an immediate resonance with me. I find it so heart-warming to see such inventiveness under very difficult and deprived conditions.

We all can learn from these wonderful people.


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