Monday, September 19, 2011

Blacksmith Fireplace Inserts


A Preliminary  Look at
The Blacksmith Stove Insert
part 1 

Just installed today in my friends house the Blacksmith Artisan inset stove

As my regular readers will know, I have been strongly advocating the getting rid of open fires throughout Ireland because:

1. They are very inefficient - only one fifth of the heat stays in the house, the rest goes straight up the chimney.
2. They cause draughts by sucking air up the chimney - like a great big vacuum cleaner, thus pulling cold air in every little crack and door frame etc.
3. They cause accidents and house-fires.
4. They allow smell and smoke to permeate the room.

Instead I believed it would benefit both ecologically and financially, the individual and the Irish economy in general, to install either stoves or fireplace doors.

Another Fireplace Option

I am presenting and examining, in the next few related Blog posts, a 3rd possible option. This option is a complete stove, called the "Blacksmith Artisan" which is made in the form of an insert, that fits straight into a fireplace opening with the minimum of building work.The manufacturer says it fits both 16 inch and 18 inch openings.

A friend has just installed this option and has been kind enough to allow me to both photograph the stove and to closely examine it while functioning.

Manufacturers Technical Specification

Output: 5 KW (17,000 BTU)
Efficiency: Up to 72%
Weight: 91 Kgs.
Flue Diameter: 125mm (5”) Nominal -
Top outlet only
• Fits standard 16” and 18” fireplaces without removing fireback
• Primary and Secondary air controls
• Convection and Radiant heat
• Improves home energy rating (BER)
• Suitable for overnight burning
• Certified High Chrome internal castings
• Cast Iron internal back and side bricks
• Large glass door

Blacksmith Stoves,
H-Tec Limited,
City Enterprise Centre,
Waterford Business Park,
Cork Road, Waterford.
Tel: +353 51 845454
Fax: +353 51 845424

I will be writing up further details, over the coming weeks or so, on this stove, its price, its performance, and its installation details.

PLEASE use the search facility to locate the follow-up posts.



Plaiceen said...

Hi Tony, have you any further updates on this product? I'm considering installing one, thanks

Plaiceen said...

Hi Tony, have you any further updates on this installation? After a very bad experience with a Stanley stove, I'm considering replacing it with this product....