Friday, September 30, 2011

The Cost of Attic Insulation Grants 2


SEAI Attic Insulation Grants
May end up costing more than
the saving offered!!

I had a couple of enquiries regarding my DIY attic insulation project. To answer the questions: The insulation I used is called "Space Blanket", see the above picture. It is essentially pretty standard fibreglass - but it is inside a plastic tube. One side of the plastic is a silvery heat reflecting foil.

The fact that the stuff is enclosed in plastic stops air passing through the fibreglass and thus limits heat loss. The reflective foil acts as a thermal reflector and also increases the overall efficiency.

I found the "Space Blanker" insulation very easy to handle, it rolled out effortlessly and "inflated" to the proper thickness very quickly.

I purchased it at HomeBase in Killarney. At the time I bought it, there was a special offer running and I got it at a substantial discount. Keep and eye on HomeBase as they run promotions from time to time.


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