Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Experimental Fireplace Door Report


My Experimental Fireplace Door

Update on my Experimental
Fireplace Door

Some seventeen months ago I installed a custom-made fireplace door in my 18"+ fireplace opening. The door was made by a very kind friend who is a skilled engineering researcher and designer. It is basically a very simple fire resistant glass door with a controllable air inlet and a good degree of air-tightness.

I have used the fireplace fairly extensively in the intervening period. I found it necessary to make a number of modifications to the set-up.

The set-up

At the time of fitting the fireplace door, I had an existing 18" "Firebird" back-boiler fitted over a "Baxi" under-floor draught unit. The Baxi draught unit had served very well over the years to produce good burning.

The new door, which had been made to measure fitted into the existing opening flawlessly and immediate results were obvious.

1. Draughts in the room, which had been created by the chimney,  were completely eliminated.
2. There was much better heat to the back-boiler - heating the radiators better.
3. The radiant heat from the fire into the room was greatly reduced - perhaps by 50+%
4. The chimney breast got hotter.

Further Findings

After using the door over an extended period I made several more observations which ultimately lead to making a couple of modifications to the set-up.

In the next post I will detail these modifications and the results - about which I am very pleased.


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