Thursday, February 10, 2011

Solid Fuel Stove details



Lady r has left a new comment on your post "Solid Fuel Stove Review":

Thanks for info - sounds like one I could go for. The basics. Where did you buy? Who installed it and was it expensive to install? I live in Kilmacanogue Bray Co Wicklow. Many thanks again for info. Michael r

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Michael R. above evidently does not read my blog or he would have seen the two supplementary articles giving further details of the stove, including where I bought it.

With regard to installation, it is a DIY job for most people with a non-boiler stove. The cost of the flue pipes and bends can vary a great deal. Stainless steel flue, while the best both technically and aesthetically, is simply a MAD price in this part of the world. I see stainless flues at half or less price elsewhere. About time the Chinese started to sell the stuff and put manners on the robbery prices of the stuff here.

I want to again here state that I do not offer any advisory service and I generally do not answer e-mails with specific requests for information and recommendations. I tend to put most of what I know into the blog - so if you fully read my posts and any subsequent additional posts, you will have all the information that I am prepared to offer.


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