Monday, February 14, 2011

ProSolar Boiler Problems


ProSolar Boiler Problems
Possible Solution

I have had several people contact me with Wood-Pellet boiler problems. One brand that popped up several times is the ProSolar name.

I normally do not publish any commercial links but in this case I make an exception. I was contacted by Michael Connolly who is a heating and plumbing contractor. He tells me that his business has specialist training in these boilers and he has offered to assist in the cases outlined in this blog.

I am simply passing on an offer of assistance. The letter from Michael is copied hereunder:

My name is Michael Connolly, just offering a helping hand to the people that have problems with the ProSolar fireline boilers if you want to let them contact me at

We are Plumbing and Heating Contractors and are trained technicians with Windhager Austria. Windhager manufacture boilers for many companies throughout Europe under a different brand name, including Pro Solar, ie the Pro Solar Fireline is the same boiler as the Windhager biowin exklusiv, but we deal directly with the manufacturer Windhager.

We have good experience with biomass and have many of these boilers fitted in the Galway area, we give a five year guarantee, a good back up service, and never have any major trouble from them,

Michael Connolly,
Moycullen Mechanical Services,
Phone 086 3348392


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