Wednesday, February 23, 2011



I have noticed three things about RTE Irish State Broadcaster in connection with both SEAI the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland,  and my own blog SEAI Sustainable Energy Author Ireland.

(1) RTE have been utterly unerringly uncritical of SEAI the state authority (I know - poor use of language BUT  I think it looks kinda neat). The TV programme Eco Eye and other presentations managed to sound syrupy sweet and to gloss over the complete arse SEAI has made of much of its remit. In other words RTE tends to not have a proper balance in this respect. I also note, from various reports, that ECO EYE have received hefty money from SEAI - so how could they be deemed to be completely unbiased? I guess if SEAI gave me tens of thousands of Euro it would colour my view a bit!!

(2) The second thing I have noticed is that RTE monitored my blog to at least the count of 114 visits, a fair number you would agree, but never bothered to make any direct contact with me - ever.

(3) Since I published the fact that RTE was paying a LOT OF ATTENTION to my blog, all visits have ceased completely - or perhaps they are now using an anonymous proxy to hide behind.


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