Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fantastic Value in CFL Bulbs


You Gotta Get These
Top Brand
CFL Bulbs

If you still have not replaced all of the bulbs in you home with Energy Saver bulbs - then get on you bicycle right now and go to Woodies Hardware Stores and grab a real bargain.

Right now at Woodies they have quality:

(1) "Rapid Start"
(2) 5 year guaranteed life,
(3) Quality Branded CFL bulbs by OSRAM

All at the "give-away" price of just €1 each. Yes - it hard to believe they are soooo cheap. It is even worth stocking up a few spares at these low prices. Now there is no economic excuse whatsoever for not replacing all the bulbs, including the ones in the porch, the shed, the bathroom etc.

The price of these bargain bulbs will be repaid in just a few weeks by the saving on electricity!!!!  And Oh Yes - I have tested the bulbs - fast to light up fully and very nice colour of light. Warm white without being either yellowy or bluish.


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