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Airoption Clonmel - Amazing Claim


an Amazing Claim
December 2007

Just over two years ago I wrote that a small Irish company in Clonmel Ireland has made a very sensational claim for an electrical underfloor heating system which they had developed, and said that if they were correct in their claim, the system would have been more efficient than geo-thermal heating systems, and yet was a fraction of the cost and almost maintenance free.

I initially was given some information by Airoption but when I started to question the scientific validity of their claim, and quipped at their stalling to give further promised information and details, I received quite a nasty legal type letter, which had all of the subtlety of a snarling dog about it. It, in no uncertain terms, warned me off further reporting and comment.

Boy do I Dislike Being Snarled At

I don't like being snarled at and warned off, especially when I am not being malicious or especially unfriendly. Airoption's legal snarl, thankfully, is the ONLY instance of such behaviour by any of the many companies, individuals, and ideas that I have written about over the years.

Fearing that they would set their legal dogs on me, I removed most of the information I had receieved from them, and only let their generally published material remain in my posts.

Now what does that type of response say to you about the company and the people involved?

So What's Happening CoreTech?

I again recently took a look to see if the claim was still being touted by Airoption, it would appear that the website is no longer active, at least the times I tried to access it, and looking through some cached material, reference to the “CoreTech” under floor claim, appears to have been removed.

My Original Post Continued:

The phenomenal claim by AirOptionCoreTech on their Website states that it is a new concept in heating which has been in development over a 5 years period, and has been under test for 2 years. AirOption state that the systems have “shown some astonishing results”.

AirOption's Published CoreTech Details:

· The Coretech system is an electrical under floor heating system
· It is ON 24/7 for 8 months of the year.
· CoreTech state regarding the comfort level of the systems; “no other heating system can boast such levels of comfort and control.”

Case Studies:
CoreTech state that:
· the test house was built 2 years ago
· and has been using CoreTech heating connected to the ESB mains.

The stated efficiencies.
· For an 1800 square foot house
· provided with 8 months of heating
· switched on for 24/7, and producing levels of comfort above any other heating system, “no other heating system can boast such levels of comfort and control.”
· The usage is only 3572 Kw/Hours for 8 months of 24hours a day heating to above average comfort levels.

The Maths

· 8 months or say 240 days
· x 24 hours per day = 5760 hours
· 3572 Kilo Watt Hours divided by 5760 hours
· That's an average of only 620 Watts per hour to heat a complete house!!!!!!!!!!

Heating a Room with a 100watt bulb?

That is like saying an average equivalent of a 100-watt bulb in each room will keep the house at an above average level of comfort. This is either one of the mot important discoveries ever in heating efficiency or it is a load of rubbish produced by faulty science.

The Legal Type Warn-off from AirOption

... it appears that we are attracting the type of notice we don’t want. In view of this we will be making no further statements whatsoever in relation to our product or technology until such time as we see fit.

All information or other matters given are strictly proprietary and their publication or misrepresentation are forbidden.

We would thank you therefore to be careful in how you may represent or misrepresent all matters relating to Airoption Ltd.

Thank you,
Airoption Ltd

Here is a Copy of a Notice Published by AirOption manufacturer and distributor of small wind turbines, battery storage, inverters, solar panels, biofuel generators, hydro generators. new electric a/energy underfloor heating concept developed over the past 5 years and now ready for market. offering a viable answer to geothermal. offering new approaches to heat from wind CHP systems.
Address: 28a Ballingarrane, Cahir Road, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary
Contact: Mr John McCollum
Phone: 00353 52 70792
Fax: 00353 52 70793

Where oh where has the CoreTech underfloor heating claim gone? In business, and in public generally, I think it does not pay to be either too secretive or respond in a nasty way - don't you??


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