Thursday, January 28, 2010

Woodpellet Woes Comment


A Comment and Suggestion
on "Woodpellet Woes"

Last December I published a letter asking for help and suggestion on a problem woodpellet system. This is a link to the original post:

Here is another answer to that request:

Hi Dorothea,
Most wood pellet boilers installed are being undersized for the Irish market and the Irish way of living. They only heat the house if left on 24/7 for about 3-4 months over the winter pending (depending?) on weather. If your house was struggling to be heated by a 26kw oil boiler. Simple maths will not allow a 16kw wood pellet boiler to heat a house. So for this reason the pellet boiler has to be left on 24/7. This could be way off the problems that concern you. I am a fan of wood pellet but the boiler has to be sized probably (properly?) to work probably (properly?). Jim



Smaug the Golden said...

What do you think is the future of wood pellets?

vincenzolorenzo said...

Hi Tony,

I disagree with the poster who said that wood pellet boilers are designed to run 24/7 for 3/4 months of the year. While this might be true of some of the (very) basic boilers, the fact is that the vast majority, including our own Gerkros (now gone of course), have fairly advanced control systems and automatic ignition.

There have been a multitude of problems with pellet boilers and they've all been well documented before and as far as I can see the problems mainly stem from issues with the fuel feed. Eg-poor quality fuel, moisture content too high, too much dust leading to clogged augers etc. The whole introduction to ireland and the SEI grant scheme was very much flawed but in fairness to the pellet industry they seem to have overcome most of the early teething problems but the sector has got an so much bad press (most of it deserved) that it will take a long time to recover, if ever.