Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Is SEI Value for Our Money?


Sustainable Energy Ireland
Is it worth the
Hundreds of Millions we pay?

What have Steorn’s Orbo, the Perendev Motor, EEstor’s EESU, and SEI (Sustainable Energy Ireland) got in common?

Answer: Basically what they all possess is an idea which initially sounds great but which has utterly failed to materialise in the short term.

Can anyone tell me in terms of payback i.e real results or money savings - what have we got for the hundreds of millions of Euro of our tax money pumped into SEI Sustainable Energy Ireland??

I am aware that my perspective is limited and yes, that I am indeed prejudiced against this glossy and highly paid organisation. The reason I am unhappy has to do with the way I perceive the job they did over the past 4 years in promoting domestic heating and energy projects.

What I perceive, from my limited perspective, is a really miserable return for the investment. AFAIK SEI has received well over a quarter of a billion Euros of our money.

A few performance questions:

1. What percentage of existing homes have converted to geothermal or wood-pellet heating in the last four years?? And

2. What percentage of those that converted have thrown out the technology and gone back to oil or other traditional fuels? And – finally,

3. What percentage of homes that converted are 100% happy with their new choice in terms of (a) reliability, (b) value for money, (c) comfort, and (d) convenience?

Questions: Does SEI intend to rectify its mistakes?

1. Will SEI do anything about the wood pellet boilers out there with little or no fire safety mechanisms?

2. Will SEI help the people who have been ripped-off by the cowboys and chancers that SEI unleashed upon them?

3. Will SEI help the people with badly designed pellet heating systems that fail to function properly or boilers for which parts cannot be located?

4. Will SEI do anything to guarantee price, supply, and quality of wood pellet fuel?

5. Will SEI do anything about BER Assessors who have been shown to charge greatly varying fees and give greatly varying results for the same building, seeing as how SEI invented the BER Assessor in the first place, and more importantly it makes money from the licensing??


It is my guess that, given the track record of some BER Assessors, it should be possible to get the result you want or need simply by shopping around with assessors.


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