Monday, January 25, 2010

SEI Condensing Oil Boiler Grants


SEI Arse up yet Another Grant
Condensing Oil Boiler Grants

SEI is now giving a grant to install high-efficiency condensing oil fired boilers. You might well ask if that is not a bit strange they supporting a carbon fuel – and they being a Sustainable Energy agency?

However, the basic concept is correct, as a condensing boiler will save oil and reduce overall the carbon footprint. There are some very good condensing boilers on the market, not least of these is our very own Firebird boiler made in Ballymakeera.

This grant should be limited ONLY for retro-fitting and should not apply to new properties and installations.

Another problem with this grant is that the quite small grant is only available if one agrees to fit a very expensive and complex control system. Add to that expense the fact that there are two BER assessments to be paid for, then you have yet another stupid and useless grant system for anyone considering a retro-fit condensing boiler. SEI can also stuff this grant as far as I am concerned.

So, just like with the attic insulation grant, SEI makes the thing a joke and not worth considering for someone like myself.


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