Thursday, January 14, 2010

DIY Waste Oil Burner Conversion


Had an interesting comment from Jesse Parris in the US regarding an old post of mine about Waste Oil Burners. When I get a worthwhile comment to an old post, I tend to publish it as a current item and not have it lost in the archives. This IMHO is one such comment.

Seems Jesse has be doing DIY oil burner conversions for years and has a wealth of information on his site. (link below)

This fiddling with oil burner units stuff is NOT for the average tinkerer, you would need a fair degree of mechanical and electrical knowledge to attempt these conversions. There might also be implications for SAFETY and FIRE HAZARDS and these could affect you home or business insurance.

Nevertheless, this is great information and a most useful source for those interested in DIY.

Here is Jesse's comment:

Jesse has left a new comment on your post "Veggie Oil Burner Unit from UK.":

My name is Jesse Parris and I have a nine year old Yahoo forum, altfuelfurnace with over 6000 members globally.

What you are discussing here is not new technology. You don't really need an expensive Kroll burner to do this. You can build your own burner a lot cheaper because all the parts are available. I've been helping others to do this all these years.

There are units in the US and the UK that can be adapted to burn waste motor oil and waste veg oil easily.

Jesse's Forum link:



michael corry said...

I work for a small drinks manufacturer and we accumulate every year a few thousand litres of waste drinks that have to be destroyed in a Customs and Excise approved way. The waste is roughly 17% alcohol, 22% sugar, 12% fat and 3% protein - can this be combusted in a waste boiler

Bradley said...


If you can light it, you can burn it. the alcohol will most certainly combust but the problem is that at only 17%; it's too diluted to ignite. I'd highly recommend turning adding a few hundred packets of yeast to this slurry this turning it into a mash to produce ethanol. (not methanol) I won't go into the specifics here but yahoo has a distillers group that could get you producing your own high octane fuel FAST... When produced from a reflux (not pot) still at about 170-180 proof, moonshine and ethanol are the exact same thing. It is as flammible as gasoline and the vapor there from is absolutely explosive so, in spite of what you see, hear or read, it is an outside task. The difference is that Moonshine is "cut" with water or juice to a point that it is drinkable. Making shine is a felony. Making ethanol is not as long as your boiler is registered and what you produce is mixed with something that makes it "undrinkable" by BATF standards. DO NOT EVER SELL nor "give away for donation" a drop of whichever you decide to produce though or the men in black will knock down your down and drag you away kicking and screaming. Even if they can't make a case against you, then the IRS will most certainly reach out and touch you with tax evasion. I do envy you though as I always have to but my own sugar and alcohol. -Best wishes from another Western North Carolina Ridge Runner.