Saturday, April 19, 2008

Valcent - Vertigro Answerless Questions


Algae and Answers

Had a comment from "Beth" regarding specific answers regarding Vertigro's Algal system, and asking for the MD's phone number. The number was circulated in the general letter that I already published, but I had edited it out. I publish the letter again, complete as I received it.


Beth said...

I share your regard for specifics and sympathize with producers' reticence to provide them lest they get caught misleading someone. We pay for our entrepreneurial law culture in a variety of ways.

What's Steve's phone number - I'll call & ask :-)

Vertigro's General Letter:

Dear Sir or Madame, I apologize for the delayed response to your request for more information on Valcent Products (VCTPF:OTCBB) state of the art Algae to Bio-diesel project and our High Density Vertical Growth System that will soon change the way we grow vegetables in North America. As you might be aware, the company was the lead feature on CNN’s website under the Science section of their site and the overwhelming response for information caused our server to temporarily lose data which we have now restored. If you wish a corporate package please send me an email with your mailing address or send an email for information electronically. Furthermore, if you have any questions I can be reached at my office at the numbers listed below. I apologize once again for the error caused by our server and steps have been taken to see that that will not happen again in the future.

Steve McGuire
Sweetwater Capital Corp
V.P. Investor Relations
toll free 1-800-877-1626
office 1-604-606-7969
mobil 1-604-351-7869


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