Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ranting and Reality


Ranting and Reality

I had an e-mail to my blog from a “friend” (need to define that a bit – the linguistic skills are not brilliant) - saying that I was slipping into the “Cynical Old Bastard Ranting” syndrome again on the ESB and Valcent stories.

Cynical – YES!!

I have to defend myself here. I admit the “Cynical” bit totally and fully. Anyone with their eyes open today would have to be cynical about politics and business. Irish politics has seen recently two Prime Ministers with dodgy financial and tax affairs, the top people in the country are not Kosher - so how much then would you trust politicians in general to act totally honestly, transparently and selflessly??? Like would you pet a months wages on it??

Second question, would you trust what the publicity jargon of any corporation or company says? – would you bet a month’s wages on it being TOTALLY honest, transparent and fully up front??

Old Bastard – YES!!

Yes - I have to admit also to being both “old” and a bit of a “bastard”. Bastard in the sense of not being too kind at times, my parentage is not in question!!


OK I admit it – I love to have a bit of a rant – it’s my therapy – I am somewhat addicted - it’s the price I charge for my services to this blog.

End Word

I simply don't trust poicitcal or business hype, and every day that goes by adds justification to my point of view.


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