Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kerry Wind Farm Follow-up


This picture demonstrates the sheer scale of the Everwind Vestas 90 machines

Vestas 90 Wind Turbines - Big is Beautiful!

A friend sent me two photos of a Vestas 90 wind turbine being erected. These pictures show the scale of this amazing piece of engineering, and that is why I include them here.

This picture show the size of the Vestas 90 "cabin"
which houses the generators and gearbox

I don't have any information about these photos, where the installation is taking place etc. (I hope I offend no one with their use or infringe any copyright - I will remove them is notified) I just love seeing anything to do with this scale of clean energy technology, and I think that these pictures certainly help put a scale on the Kilgarvan wind farm technology.


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