Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Valcent - Vertigro - Algal Farming Questions


Valcent Open or Closed?

On my post of the 27th March last I gave a fair bit of publicity to "Valcent's Vertigo" algae farming system. On their web site they cordially invite questions so I sent them the following bunch of questions:

Hi Guys - I write a blog on sustainable energy and have posted a piece featuring your ideas. There have been operational units in production now for perhaps 6 months or longer??, - long enough to have some sort of audit of the actual returns from the system.

The questions I would love to be able to address in my blog are:

Q1. What is the actual consistent return of oil per acre of the units.
Q2. What are the total production cost per gallon.
Q3. What is the maintenance cost per acre per annum?
Q4 What is the actual audited percentage yield of oil form the raw algae.
Q5 How many more units have been built since the originals.

Surprise me with an answer!!!!
Tony McGinley

So far, I have not been surprised by any answers from Valcent - but I will keep checking my In-Box for a reply and will let you know if or when I get one.


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Jim Bowery said...

Any potential investors in oil-from-algae should first consider putting money into the O-Prize.

At $75/gallon or so wholesale, vegan Omega-3 oil nutraceutical is clearly the first market to hit with sterile technology like Valcent's.