Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Change dot IE


Nothing has Changed!!!

The new and expensive gevernment "poster campaign" Change.ie - it looks to me like it is nothing more than a costly (and that's my money they are spending/wasting on it), albeit pretty looking rubber stamp. I wonder how many hits a day is it getting for the money. My ire is somewhat sharpened because of the recent revelation of a duplicated government information site which had cost a fortune and was drawing less hits that this blog. Change.ie has all the right sounding stuff and a very pretty interface - but at the same time it rings hollow and empty. It has no guts - no balls - no brains!!!

SORRRRRY!!! I do rant. But FGS this looks like another bloody big government money (my money) waster.

I have written to the website address 3 times without an acknowledgement. I have telephoned and got nothing short of what I perceived as either a polite put-off or an inane empty hollow cardboard-cup response. Been told that input, suggestions and criticism are welcome - yea?

They would need to get a bit more real to be believable, there are enough general information "Slogan" sites out there already, we really do not need another one. Who do they thing they are influencing with this type of backslappers hype? It reminds me of an AIB Bank slogan from some years back which went; "you bring out the best in us", I wonder how many bank employees and customers believed that one??


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Partick said...

Electricity Generated by wind in 2000 => 244

Electricity Generated by wind in 2006 => 1266

Still a small number, but an impressive increase. Which irritates you more. The lack of progress, or the fact that someone in government didn't spend a few hours crafting a letter for you?