Monday, December 03, 2007

InnovaLight & Great Solar Race


InnovaLight in the Great Solar Race

Conrad Burke CEO InnovaLight and Arnie Oct 2007

I have had further contact with Conrad Burke CEO of InnovaLight. He has been kind enough to send me some material for publication and to answer some direct questions on the position of their technology in the big race.

Here are the questions I sent him and the answers:

Q. InnovaLight, I understand, uses Silicone in small quantities on nanotubes - has this advantages over NanoSolar's dye based technology? i.e Efficiency, length of life, stability, heat coefficient, electrical properties, etc.?
A. Just to clarify, it is silicon (not silicone; big difference). NanoSolar is using CIGS technology which is fundamentally different (it is a blend of 5 elements - Copper, Indium, Galium and Selenium and some Cadmium. Silicon (which is 95% of market today) has shown itself to have higher efficiencies. The only other technology with higher efficiencies are GaAs (concentrators and space applications).

Q. How does the projected end-cost of InnovaLight Nano-Silicone compare to NanoSolar’s materials? NanoSolar are suggesting prices as low as 30c US per watt.
A. Again Silicon (not silicone). I cannot comment on Nanosolar’s claims as I don’t know what they are doing.

Q. Has InnovaLight got working test projects in the field?
A. No, we are in development still.

Q. Roughly, what will the final product look like?? Flexible, Plastic-based?, Metal-based?, Thickness?, How tough?
A. It will be drop in replacement for what is in market today.

Q. What market place does InnovaLigt see it's product mainly aimed at?
A. Commercial and residential – that is 95 percent of market.

InnovaLight would appear to be running with the long-term proven, and higher efficiency technology of “Silicon” (got it right this time!). By using only tiny quantities of this expensive element, they will make the savings on the final production cost. With higher output efficiencies, the panels will take up less area for the same power output.

InnovaLight are going to be slower out of the starting traps in the big race but one to watch because their product is based on the very well proven technology of silicon.

I want to thank InnovaLight and especially Conrad Burke for being so helpful, open, and accomodating in their communications, and I wish them every success in the Big Solar Cell Race.


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I have been researching the Photovoltaic Industry recently myself. Unfortunately my motives aren't quite as noble as yours. My company based here in Singapore is looking at entering the market segment that manufactures the equipment used in the assembly of solar modules/panels. I'd like to contribute what I know but first need to know if I'm allowed to comment.