Monday, December 31, 2007

CFL v/s Filament Bulbs


Here is one of a series

of comparison articles
on CFL Bulbs

I thought that photographing two bulbs lit up side by side might be a simple and graphical way of demonstrating the differences between types.

In the above photograph you see, on the left, a 9 watt CFL bulb from AvocaLite, and on the right is a regular filament bulb rated at 25 watts.

The CFL bulb is using approximately one third of the power of the filament lamp but it is obvious, at a glance, that it is giving out 2 to 3 times more light.

After a few minutes running, the cfl bulb was warm but not hot to the touch, while the filament bulb was a bit too hot to handle with ease.


  • CFL brighter by far for much less power.
  • CFL bulb much cooler and therefore safer.
  • Colour of light very yellow in filament bulb while the CFL had a pleasing soft white colour of light.


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