Monday, December 17, 2007

Heating a Room with a 100watt Bulb??


Heating a Room with a 100watt Bulb??

Just had it pointed out to me that I again did not give an address for AirOption and CoreTech. And, oh yes, it is the same company that is in the article on turbine prices.

Here is the CoreTech address:

Here is the general address for AirOption:


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happycamper said...

I don't have any axe to grind one way or the other, but by building to "Passive" standards it is conceivable that a "room" can be heated by a 100watt bulb.

Consider the following:

Take a "room" of 5m x 5m on plan, height 3m. The surface area of this room is 25 sq.m for floor and ceiling, 15 sq.m for each wall, giving a total of 110 sq.m of external surface area. At a U-value of 0.1 W/m2K and an average temperature difference between interior and exterior of 10 degrees, the steady-state heat loss per unit surface area is 1.0
W/sq.m, or 110 watts for the whole surface area, which is fairly close to the rated enerty output of the 100 watt bulb output.

Now this might all sound a bit hypothetical, but if you do a bit of internet searching on passive house standards you will find that such heating requirements are possible. This is also going to be the future norm for house construction in Ireland as energy costs escalate substantially. It's just a shame that most of our recently built housing stock is so poorly built (I have seen it from first hand, working as a professional in the industry).