Friday, December 14, 2007

Wind Turbine Prices


A Look at Wind Turbine Prices

I have been looking at some prices for wind turbines recently and making some comparisons.

One turbine I looked at is the UNITRON 3.3 Kw Grid Connect Turbine made in India AFAIK. The address etc. Address: Air Port Road, Pune, Maharashtra India 411 O32. Telephone: +91-20-2668 4399. FAX: +91-20-2668 7006. Web Site:

Irish Price.

AirOption Ireland offer this turbine as a complete package at €9,200 ex. VAT and Delivery - I am not sure if the "Complete Package" actually inclused installation costs this is not clear from the web site, somehow I think not, because they then add on delivery costs and that would not really be a complete package would it? You then have to add in the delivery costs to the above price.

African Price.

The same turbine is available in Nigeria from The quoted price is in dollars, US dollars, I presume. Turbine price is $5,500 or €3,746 Euros. The total installed price $11,074 or €7,541 Euro. That is €1659 or almost 20% cheaper than the Irish price, that's assuming the Irish price is inclusive of all installation costs. If the installation costs are extra on the AirOption price then the Irish price would be way dearer.

The Unitron Nigerian web site is:


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