Monday, October 22, 2007

GeoThermal on a Big Scale


Private GeoThermal on a Large Scale

A company called Süddeutsche Geothermie-Projekte GmbH part owned and financed by Hochtief, plan to build and operate the first entirely privately financed Geo-Thermal power plant in Germany.

The company will build and operate a 5 megawatt facility with an investment €35 million which will be located in Dürrnhaar in Bavaria.

According to publicity by the company, theoretically, geothermal energy plants could provide Germany‘s annual electricity consumption 600 times over. SGG also intends to use the hot water tapped in the earth‘s crust for combined heating and power and provide heat to households and industrial users in the vicinity of the power plants.

Look at that drill bit!!

Another subsidiary, Streif Baulogistik, is investing in a 52-meter tall drilling rig for drilling the boreholes, which are up to 5,000 meters deep.


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