Thursday, October 11, 2007

Plurion Battery further Comment


Some More Comment on Plurion

I have just received this further note from my last correspondent, it is enough to make me feel a bit uneasy if I had a lot of money stuck in the project:

Hi there,

And might I just add this thought (same request that confidentiality be respected);

Batteries are constantly being developed. Scientists in the battery industry know what data to look for: open circuit voltage; voltage under load (varying load); battery capacity for shallow and deep discharge; battery life (decrease in capacity with number of cycles); battery life - self-discharge; charging/discharging rates, variation in capacity with discharge rate. effect of ambient temperature on capacity.

Some of this data for the Plurion system was presented at the San Francisco 2002 Meeting. It seems none has been shown since. That a large-scale battery be due to be delivered, as Dr Vallance states, in approx. 12 months from now, without at least some such data being available, strains credulity. If Plurion have this data, there is absolutely no reason why they should not present it. If they're not in a position to do so, one must question just how far down the "development" road they really are.



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