Friday, October 12, 2007

7.5 MW Wind Turbine Being Developed


Mega 7.5MW Wind Turbine Being Developed in the UK

Mega Clipper Wind Turbine

US company Clipper Windpower has announced that it is to develop the world's largest offshore wind turbine of 7.5 MegaWatts at Blyth, United Kingdom. These monsters will be used in the worlds larges off-shore wind farm planned to date. (Wonder for how long that will hold the Guinness Book of Records??)

They currently make a 2.5 MW turbine called the Liberty. The Liberty C100 has a tower of 80 meters height. The blades are 48.7 meters long. The diameter of the rotor is 100 meters. Compare that to a 747 jet which has a wind span of 64.4 meters - this baby's span is half as big again and this - is only the baby!!

I love this kind of technology - don't you?


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