Friday, November 02, 2007

Kerry 100% Wind Powered?

County Kerry has 100% Power Needs in Wind

Has nothing to do with the story just took my attention

I learned that General Electric is investing in a 120 Mega-Watt wind farm in which will be built in Texas. It would seem that Texas because of its open flat lands is an increasingly attractive area for wind turbines. Building commenced this summer and is expected to be completed by April next. The wind farm will have 80 1.5 MegaWatt GE wind turbines. It will produce enough power for an estimated 37,000 homes.

According to GE. all power will be sold in the Texas market. Now that’s an idea for Ireland - selling the power where it is generated!!!

Kerry is already self-sufficient in wind power. All that is needed to complete the effectiveness are some Redox battery storage installations, and the “Kingdom” of Kerry could declare independence, from the national grid that is, and have cheaper power to boot!!!

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