Friday, October 19, 2007

Solar Cells Under 50 cents per Watt


Solar Panels at 36 Euro Cent per Watt!!!

Conrad Burke, an Irishman, is the CEO of US company called Innovalight. The company have developed a new way of making Photo Voltaic Solar Panels using a special printing technique. The ink used to print the active substance on the panels is a secret recipe using nano-technology, the new buzzword in science.

Innovalight creates nano-particles of silicon that it uses to make the special ink which can then be sprayed, by inkjet type process, onto the backing panels. The results will be something that looks not too different from other solar cells, except that they will be substantially faster to produce and much, much cheaper because a great deal less silicone is used in the process.

Solar cells at less than 50 US Cents per Watt!!

The company believes the technology has the potential to get solar cell prices well below 50cents US per watt. The current retail price for solar cells in the US is just under $5 per watt.
Innovalight has recently had $28 million in funding pumped into it. The company, based in Santa Clara, intends to start selling its new solar cells in 2009.


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