Tuesday, October 09, 2007

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Over Unity Energy Devices and the Moving Statues Phenomena

For some time I have been considering the mind-set of the thousands of people world wide who are either directly involved with, or are born-again believers in over-unity energy claims such as; Steorn's "Orbo", Perendev's "Magenetic Motor", Airoption's "Core Tech" heating, or EcoWatts "Heater".

I do believe that the majority of the people involved are completely sincere and truly believe what they claim. At the same time, none of these projects, some of which have been in the pipeline for many years, have been clearly scientifically proven, nor have they become available for sale, complete with a 5 year money back warranty at WalMart etc.

I believe that what is happening is some form of mass hypnosis similar to what happens in religious circles on a regular basis. I refer to the phenomena of moving statues. This display of mass suggestion has been extensively detailed by the media in Ireland on several occasions. Many thousands of sincere people will swear to have seen a plaster stature move. I do believe that these people are telling the truth and truly accept the reality of their visions.

I have also attended several "shows" by "hypnotists" where people truly believed that they were bunny rabbits etc.

Suggestion is one factor, desire is another. Suggestion is a very powerful thing. Suggestion in a crowd that there is some immediate danger can cause a crush ending in many deaths. Powerful desire in a religious setting is the second factor that, I believe, contributes to collective visions. There is a huge desire to have a spiritual experience or a blessing or cure.

In the over unity situation we all (well most of us anyway) hope and want so badly to believe in free energy - the prize is just so attractive and desirable. Add peer suggestion to this need and IMHO you have a formula for "visions".

I still hope that science can prove some of these claims and that WalMart will have these gizmos for sale with money back guarantees soon!!!


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