Friday, December 29, 2006

World's Biggest Offshore Windfarm


Who is Going to Build the World's Largest Off-shore Wind-farm?

Ireland announced it was to construct the "world's biggest wind-farm" in 2002 but there is a new claimant for this category. The UK has plans to build the world's largest offshore wind farm off the coast of south-east England. The £1.5bn scheme will be called the London Array. It will have 341 turbines in the Thames estuary and could generate 1,000 megawatts of power, enough to meet about 1% of the UK's electricity needs.


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Oleg said...

I was looking for examples implementations of generation of electricity from river flow (like water-mill without damb) and found this

That is cool! It is even more then I expected. Interesting, why this is not widely considered as source?
Anyway bookmarked for myself and decided to share with your blog.

Have a nice New Year!