Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sustainable Energy Ireland

How are Sustainable Energy Ireland Doing

with regard to their
Constitution and Prime Tasks?

Following is an para-phrased extract from a document on the SEI web site which outlines the correct way to promote and introduce wood pellet heating. Each bulletpoint is from the document, my comments are in brackets and italics.

How to introduce pellets successfully

· Increase public awareness of wood pellet heating
(To be fair SEI has done a good job in this department, the web site is very good, and the seminars around the country have also been successful in their task)

· Prove reliable pellet quantities and delivery
(SEI have failed miserably and completly here. They didn't even bother to consult the existing manufacturer regarding projected installation figures, so that Balcas might have some chance to re-tool and up production output)

· Establish strict quality standards for wood pellets
(What standards? and even if there are some criteria written down somewhere, how is that affecting the customer. Standards without teeth are useless)

· Establish clear quality standards for woodpellet boilers (high efficiency, low emissions and reliable operation) (and above all SAFETY)
(Again - What standards? Most important standards are missing. SAFETY!! The greater portion of wood pellet boilers now installed have no independent and reliable back-burn safety system installed)

· Poor quality boilers represent a bigger problem for long term market development than over-priced boilers!
(Lots of poor quality boilers in Irelandand some of them also qualify for inclusion in the "overpriced" category)

So how does SEI measure up on the criteria they thewmselves have published on their website?
I suppose a score of "1 out of 5" isn't all that bad by "Irish" standards, what do you think is it?

But the lack of properly applied safety standards are unforgivable.
So I give SEI a "failed" on applying their own criteria.



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