Sunday, December 17, 2006

Just got this letter


Just Got This Letter:

Hi There,

I like to weld and make things in my spare time and I am thinking of making filler pipes for pellet stores and selling them at a reasonable price including the appropriate connections etc.

My problem is and I hope maybe you could help get some feedback as to what the self builders need made for filling their stores. I have read some people just intend fixing the connector straight to the store but I don't see how this could be good. I read from Balcas site that they need a metal pipe so that's a start. Should I be making a length of pipe with a bend on one end for turning into the silo and the coupler welded to the other end?. Should there be like an expansion area at the end of the pipe? .Also should it be galvanised. ( I used to work in a feed silo factory so I have an idea of whats reqd.)

I would be grateful for any idea you might have or get from other people.

Also have you got or do you intend doing a boiler comparison type chart or separating the good ones from the bad, I think this would be a good idea as I know like everybody else I hear various stories from every supplier.

Many thanks for your time

My Answer:

Hi Angelo,

Thanks for your letter.

If you read my profile would see that I do not have any specialist knowledge of this business. I have gained all of my knowledge from reading and talking to others. I have specific interests that concern me, and which I have been writing about on this blog since last June, these do not include details regarding the design of storage facilities.

I have had several requests for specific advice on various matters. I do not offer advice. I also do not operate an information service as such, I just pass on what I am learning, or just simply have a good old rant at the stupidity of SEI, or some other problem I perceive.

I am unable to offer you any useful information on the matters you asked. Perhaps however you might consider sharing the information with others when you learn it.


PS. Regarding the boiler comparison suggestion, I have reveived several dozen suggestions about various services I should or could offer by spending time compiling this information or that information. BUT I have received no offers of information.

I have no commercial interest whatsoever in this business, and get no reward or payment of any kind out of this blog.

On the other hand, SEI (sustainable Energy Ireland) have got many millions of Euro in taxpayers money to do just that sort of thing, with well paid executives and operatives. With all the money and hoo-ha, they have failed completely to be advisers to the Irish public on matter regarding, value, competence, safety etc.

I would not mind doing more information gathering and comparison type of work if I had the time. It would be nice, once in a while, to have some others, who are concerned with these matters, actually do something about it!!

Ahhhhh - that feels better off my chest!


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