Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wood Pellet Back-Burn

Preventing Back-Burn in Wood Pellet Boilers

Many wood pellet boilers now installed do not have adequate back-burn fire protection fitted. Preventing back-burn in a wood pellet boiler should be as important as fitting a fire-valve on the fuel line to an oil boiler.

The method, or methods, used should be independent of the boiler function, and should also be independent of power supply.

There have been a number of suggested solutions to the danger. Some of them are priced highly (it is only what you have come to expect with wood pellet boilers), and some can cost as little as €5.

One fool-proof, simple, independent system is a water quench system. One such device I will outline in the next blog. This is NOT a recommendation from me nor is it to be taken as expert advice of any sort. It is an ingenious suggestion I have been told about, and I am simply passing it on to the technically savvy out there who might like to do something with it.


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