Monday, December 11, 2006

Prices - Comment

A Comment just in from "fandango1"

Just put a deposit on a 16kw Scotte OPOP wood pellet boiler. Total price including auger & 250kg hopper is €4660. Seems fairly comparable to european prices mentioned in previous blog posts. What do you think?

My reply:

Not good value at all!! Maybe less profiteering than some other sellers.

€3793 inclusive of Irish VAT - should be the Irish price - based on Danish prices AND allowing €200 to cover the extra transport to Ireland. Remember also that Denmark is NOT a cheap country!! €4660 minus €3793 = €867 loading on top of the profit that the Danish shop is making!!

The Atmos boiler with Swedish burner, to which you made the comment, is in a different class altogether - so you could not really compare it with an OPOP Scotte combination. it represents a really good price from the Polish company.

Hope you can get a reliable supply of pellets this winter!

Best of luck.

From an earlier Blog:
Boilers and Burners

Boilers are the BIG thing, like a fridge, the Burner is a smallish unit bolted to the side or to the front of the Boiler. In Ireland there are various combinations of boiler and burner being sold as units.

The Opop Boiler (generally grey in colour) is very popular, as is the Dor Boiler unit (generally red in colour)

The Scotte and the Boink Burner units are very commonly fitted to either of the above boilers.

The Dor boiler is dearer than the Opop, as it can burn logs, and the Scotte burner is a bit more expensive than the Boink, though both offer 100 step modulation.


The Danish Retail price for the combination 16Kw unit is 20,400Dk plus tax. In our money that's €2734 plus 21% VAT. Now you will need to add a hopper unit to that price but hoppers can easily be built or locally made. The boilers are made in the Czech Republic and have to be shipped to Denmark. Shipping to Ireland would cost a bit extra so add say €200 extra to cover the longer shipping haul.

For fear I be accused of distorting the facts here is the site link:

Now lets add it all up - shall we? Combination Boink Boiler unit €2734, a locally made hopper unit say €200 and another €200 for the extra shipping. That gives us €3134 plus 21% VAT which is a total of €3793 inclusive of Irish VAT, transport and a locally made hopper unit.


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