Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tweaking Cheap Chinese LEDs


In order to temporarily (I'll be back) move away from having-a-go at SEAI, I am starting a series (again) on LED lamps.

I have written that I am trying some inexpensive, around $6 US including shipping, Chinese LED lamps AGAIN!!  I have purchased a total of fourteen lamps which are 4 watts, with 4 LEDs warm white and are a mixture of GU10 and MR16 capsules.

I also wrote that I am quite pleased with both the light colour and the light output of these lamps. However, to date 3 of these lamps have failed. Being a tweaker and fiddler, I opened them up to take a look and thus educated myself about this type of LED lamp. I think that I have discovered the reason of failure AND the way to prevent it!!

As you can see from the above photo, the front rim screws off - in most of this type of lamp. That allows the lens to come out and reveals the 4 x LEDS on their mounting plate. The mounting plate is metal about 28mm in diameter and about 2 mm thick.

Tune in again for part two.


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