Wednesday, March 02, 2011

SEAI Grants for Spin Doctors


the Irish Sustainable Energy Authority

I said, some few posts back, that SEAI were good window dressers.  I would now like to revise that statement by saying that SEAI might turn out to be the masters of SPIN.

The last Green tinged Government were not great at spin - as the recent election proved so dramatically. The brain-child of that government, the SEAI, would seem to have more SPIN in it's genes - the child outstrips the parent.

Now that the progenitor of SEAI is dead, my hope is that the offspring will also be allowed to die a natural death - or at least be re-born as a much cut-down and greatly more open, ethical, and honest organisation - open to fair criticism and to suggestions. Suggestions like:

Don't you dare spend my money on Spin-Doctoring!!


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