Saturday, March 05, 2011

Minister for Public Sector Reform


SEAI Badly in Need
of Reform

The new Irish coalition Government have a plan to introduce badly needed reform of the public sector. They intend to do this by appointing a new Minister for Public Sector Reform, who hopefully will herself/himself have, prior to taking office, been reformed, especially in matters of integrity, honesty, openness, salary, expenses, and pensions.

Dear New Minister,

May I suggest that you please put SEAI high on your list for immediate reform and investigation.

As part of your investigation and reform package for SEAI, you might consider;

(1) how money is spent by SEAI.
(2) you might also look at the way grants are structured - favouring the well-off and ignoring those at the bottom of the barrel.
(3) Also, you might look at how the SEAI accepts suggestions and criticism, and why they are so sensitive to any form of criticism - that they would spend millions of Euro of our money on spin-doctoring their publicity?

Thank you Minister.



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