Thursday, March 03, 2011

Eamon Ryan Green Party and SEAI


The Green Party are History
Time Now to 
Re-Examine the Role of SEAI

SEAI the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, is costing the Tax Payer a great deal of money. Just like the HSE Health Service Executive and Fás, the Irish National Training and Employment Agency, there are some serious questions to be asked about policy decisions, and about how money is spent.

SEAI has done some good BUT it has also made some horrible mistakes. Like spending, in just ONE INSTANCE,  €900,000 of our money on dry-cleaned and spin-doctored publicity. Money that could have fully paid for 1500 small stoves for pensioners, or given a 50% grant to 3000!

20,000 Stoves or Publicity?

You could multiply that publicity fund many many times over to get to the total figure. So - look at it this way - the spin and publicity could have fully funded perhaps 20,000 stoves for the less well off.

One Geo-thermal grant or 12 Stoves

Now look at the grants for fancy and VERY expensive geo-thermal, solar, and bio-mass heating systems. For a geo-thermal system the grant is up to €3,500. That is for ONE heating system in one home of a well off family that can afford the €15,000 or so for the system. That same ONE grant would fully fund 6 stoves for the less well-off, or it would give a 50% grant to 12 homes.

Time to Re-Examine SEAI's Funding, Strategy, and Role!!!!!


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