Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Duncan Stewart SEAI and RTE


Duncan Stewart the Public Face of Sustainability in Ireland 
Who  owns a Private TV Production Company

I am still reeling from learning that SEAI (the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) paid Duncan Stewart's TV production company €900,000 to produce spin-doctored material that only showed it in a good light. Thus suppressing all criticism of it's lack of "joined-up-thinking" especially in the Wood-Pellet Grant scheme where it didn't even bother to check the availability of the fuel before launching a massive campaign to promote domestic installations.

SEAI Afraid of Publicity - Something to Hide?

Was SEAI that afraid of bad publicity?  Has SEAI that much to hide?  A million Euro would have put a lot of stoves in for poor pensioners around Ireland.

I am very pissed off that my money and your money was spend for spin-doctoring purposes instead of going into grants and services to the public.

I am on an all-out campaign to have the SEAI, as it now exists, SCRAPPED forthwith, and a public enquiry into the spending of funds within the organisation. We have had enough of our money wasted by Fás and other "authorities" with unleashed funds at their disposal.


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